| SOLD | – STRANGLER FIG – B&W Acrylic Painting on Canvas – Original Artwork


Acrylic Painting

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Acrylic Painting

Original Art
by Merle Braley

Black and White Acrylic Painting
Stretched canvas support
1 1/2″ deep

Looking at this painting you may see all kinds of animals and other surprises as your eyes explore the canvas. Some see wolves, vultures, crows, hummingbirds, bats, or a binturong; some see unworldly things – spirits dancing in the night.

The name Strangler Fig refers to the vine that holds together the rainforest canopy, rich with life of all kinds including the endangered binturong (see the detail photo). Binturongs are the only animal that can digest the hard outer shell of the Strangler Fig’s seed so that it can germinate. Without the binturongs, the Strangler Fig would die, and without the Strangler Fig, the rainforest ecosystem would collapse.



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